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Powder Coating Package
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Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package

Quick Detail:

COLO-3212 powder coating booth, COLO-3210 powder curing ovens and COLO-191S powder spray guns, an ideal set for powder coating various medium or big sized workparts.

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Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package
  • Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package
  • Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package
  • Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package
  • Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package
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Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package

This batch powder coating equipment package helps new comers easily and quickly start powder coating businesses, creates a successful and profitable powder coating venture.

Parts can be sprayed by double sides thanks to the dual station booth, they enters to the booth and exit under the track system, then a batch of coated parts are put on the frame sent to the powder oven for curing.

COLO-191S Professional Powder Coating Spray Gun

COLO-191S Powder Coating Spray Gun with the highest transfer efficiency in the industry resulting in lower production cost and maximizes the electrostatic effect with least powder waste, especially perfect for handling complex metal shapes.

powder coating gun

1. Digital-valve Controlled Technology allows precise setting pneumatic and electric parameters.

2. Three pre-set application programs make easy applications for flat parts, profiles, re-coating jobs.

3. Allows personally create and store 20 programs optimized for parts and powders.

4. 100kv manual spray guns delivers high transfer efficiency with long time working. 

5. Box Feed type for quick color change and easy cleaning.


COLO-3212 Pass Thru Powder Spray Booth

This tunnel powder coating booth requires a top track that loads workparts entering the booth from one side and exiting from the other. There are two manual opening station allows parts recieving manual coating from both sides. Our spray booth is designed to increase efficiency and ensure application quality.

powder spray booth

Model COLO-S-3212
Operating Dimensions Width620 * Depth2920 * Heght1500mm
Overall dimensions Width1200 * Depth3000 * Heght2033mm  
Power Supply Electric
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
Filter Qty
6 pcs, Quick-release Type
Filter Size D320 x H900 mm
Filter Material
Filter Cleaning


COLO-3210 Powered Powder Coating Oven

COLO-3210 Powered Powder Coating Oven can be powered by natural gas, LPG or diesel, which are recommended for bigger dimension plans. These ovens costs less energy expense comparing with electric curing ovens. 

powder curing oven

Worksize Dimensions width2000 * height1900 * depth3100 mm
Overall Dimensions width2200 * height2100 * depth3300 mm
Power Supply
Gas or LPG or Diesel

As required

Italy Riello, 10,0000cal
Warm-up Time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature Stability < ± 3-5°C
Max.250° C
Ventilation Performance 1131-2565m3/h
Fan Motor Power
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