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Powder Coating Oven
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COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven

Quick Detail:

COLO provides standard and custom powder paint curing ovens for every industrial needs.

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COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven
  • COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven
  • COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven
  • COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven
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COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven Description:

This 7m depth powder coating oven is designed for curing longer workparts in batches, such as aluminum profiles. It is recommended to take gas or diesel as fuels, which fearures higher heating efficiency and lower energy expense. COLO curing ovens are built with top-quality components that extends to longest lifespan.Loading system can be customized to standard trolley system or track system applied to continous conveyor line.


COLO-7021 Industrial Powder Paint Curing Oven Components

1. PLC Control

PLC panel provides easy and reliable working, allows to set the required temperature and heating time precisely.


2. 100mm thick rock wool board

Material: Rockwool insulation of at least 100mm is inserted between galvanized inner wall and color-steel external skins, always keeps the chamber warm.


3. Circulation Fan

We can boast a very good temperature uniformity result due to the circulation fan. Our research has shown the temperature stability does not exceed ±5°C. The optimal airflow throughout the powder coating oven enclosure creates an even, constant cure for your parts.


4.RIELLO Gas Burner

Italy Imported RIELLO gas burner, takes full utilization of fuels,making chamber rapidly and raise to required temperature.

The reliable burner with high performance achieves energy-saving.


Worksize Dimensions
Width1800 * Height2100 * Depth7000 mm
Overall Dimensions
Width2000 * Height2400 * Depth7200 mm
Power Supply
LPG / Gas / Diesel
Voltage/Frequency 380V/220V (50-60Hz)
Warm-up Time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature Stability < ± 3.0-6°C
Temperature Max. 250° C
Transport System
Two trolleys
Burner Italy Riello, 20,0000cal
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Ventilation Performance 8288-16576m3/h
Motor Power 5.5kW
Warranty 12 months


We can customize different sizes of track powder coating ovens for you, and can be made by electric, gas or diesel heating, the quantity of to track can be also designed.

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