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COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth

Quick Detail:

An economical solution for basic powder coating operations requiring reclaim capability in continuous production situations.

All components with premium quality and performance to get an ideal cleaning and powder recovery.

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COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth
  • COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth
  • COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth
  • COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth
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COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth Description:


1. COLO-1517 manual spray booth is popular type for medium or small powder coating job, very usefull model for alloy

wheels and other car parts.

2. It equips with PLC control panel system, more easily, quickly and accrurately for value settings. PLC controller also can

control the value for oven at the same time.

3. It is easy to clean resulting in a quick color change and is safe to operate, no powder spillage out of the booth.

COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth Components

1. PLC Control

User-friendly PLC panel integrates all functions, such turning on / off fans, setting pulse-jetting time and interval,
light on/off, emergency stop etc.

2. High-precision filters 

0.1 Micron high-precision filters ensures only particle-free air discharged to workshop and increase powder recovery rate.


3. Air circulation Fan 

High-performance fan efficiently circulate air with low noise and less energy.


4. Recovery powder tank

A removable powder hopper at booth bottom simplifies the utilization of recovery powders.


5. Work area lamps

The lamps make the work area light and is more conducive to coloring the workpiece.




Operating Dimensions


Overall dimensions




Power Supply

220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ

Fan Power    

Fan Power

Filter Count

3 pcs, Quick-release Type

Filter Material                  


Filter Cleaning   


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