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Powder Coating Oven
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COLO-4355-T Lab Testing Powder Coating Oven

Quick Detail:

This lab powder coating oven for powder testing, sample parts testing, or laboratory use.

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COLO-4355-T  Lab Testing Powder Coating Oven
  • COLO-4355-T  Lab Testing Powder Coating Oven
  • COLO-4355-T  Lab Testing Powder Coating Oven
  • COLO-4355-T  Lab Testing Powder Coating Oven
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COLO-4355-T  Lab Testing Powder Coating Oven Description:

  • The Lab powder coating oven is designed for small batch and testing purposes, 

  • Internal shelves of the oven can be removed flexibly for adapting different sizes parts. 

  • Simple electric heating technology ensures high quality curing effect under easy operation.

  • Built-in automatically interrupt system for the over-heated, ensure personnel and safety.

  • Loads a high-precision controller to set accurate temperature and time, and a panel that displays current value.

  • The embedded glass in the opening door is heat resisting as well as explosion-proof.





Worksize dimensions

450width x 500 height x 350 depth

Overall dimensions

500 width  x 710 height x 500 depth

Power supply

Electric/ 3kw



Warm-up time

10-15 min. (180° C)

Temperature stability

< ± 1°C

Temperature max

250° C


12 months

We can customize different sizes of track powder coating ovens for you, and can be made by electric, gas or diesel heating, the quantity of to track can be also designed.

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