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Home » Products » Powder Coating Machine » COLO-191S
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COLO-191ST-C Mini Powder Coating Equipment for Hobby or Testing Use

Quick Detail:

Easily set all parameters by digital.

3 preset programs with 20 personalized programs.

Designed for easy use and efficiency.

Sample testing or laboratory use is more convenient.

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COLO-191ST-C Mini Powder Coating Equipment for Hobby or Testing Use
  • COLO-191ST-C Mini Powder Coating Equipment for Hobby or Testing Use
  • COLO-191ST-C Mini Powder Coating Equipment for Hobby or Testing Use
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COLO-191ST-C Mini Powder Coating Equipment for Hobby or Testing Use

1. This Powder Coating Equipment with 1lbs mini cup is ideal for hobby coating very smal series,testing jobs at powder

manufacturer, or laboratory educations.

2. The application cup is directly connected to the gun by quick release connection and enables a quick color change.

3. Fluidizing-base powder cup provides uniform and consistent powder conveying, easy for cleaning.

4. Tip for clients: purchasing two or more cups for spraying different colors is more convenient. 

COLO-191ST-H Mini Powder Coating Machine

1. COLO-191S  Powder Gun Control Uuit

1) Designed exclusively for use with Colo manual and automatic powder guns.

2) There are 3 one-touch intelligent buttons which separately stands for 3 pre-set application programs: panel coating, corner coaring and recoating.

3) Unprecedented precision control of current and voltage ensuring maximum efficiency and uniformity of coating

4) Corona current and voltage also can be checked on the LED display even from a distance.

5) All settings for efficient powder coating are made simple and reproducable on the 191S thanks to digital valve control.

6) Allows experienced users create and store a 20 personalized programs which are optimized for their parts and powders.  

2. COLO-08 Manual Powder Gun Features

1)  This 100kv spray gun always provides high transfer efficiency and saves powders.

2)  Remote control of changing powder flow and application programs on the back cover plate.

3)Just press the “P” button to move between coating modes. And use the handy up and down arrows for adjusting powder flow.

4)Comes with full array of nozzle assortment to optimize your spray effect, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles, extension nozzles.

5)  Light weight spray gun with ergonomic design tends to reduce operator's fatigue after long time use.


Power range    

100-240 V



Input power    


Temperature range in use        


Powder Gun 


Gun weight:            


Input voltage      


Input current                   


Maximum output current        


Maximum output voltage        

0-100KV (  adjustable)   

Maximum powder injection                



negative (-)   

Pneumatic technical spec 


Maximum input-air pressure     

10 bar / 145 psi 

Optimum input-air pressure     

6 bar / 87 psi

Maximum water vapor content or compressed air   

1.3 g/m3

Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air  

0.1 mg/m3

Maximum cimpressed-air consumption    

13.2 m3/h



Minimum Order Quantity:

1 SET`

Packaging Details:


Delivery Time:

1-3 days

Payment Terms:

T/T, Paypal ,Western Union,Trade Assurance

Supply Ability:

1000 pcs per Month

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