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Powder Coating Booth
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Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System

Quick Detail:

Including automatic powder booth, reciprocators, automatic spray gun systems, and a powder sieving machine for powder recyling.

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Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System
  • Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System
  • Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System
  • Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System
  • Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System
  • Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System
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Single Color Automatic Powder Coating Booth System Description:

It is a cost-saving solution for single color application in automatic powder coating line. High efficiency booth system achieve quality surface finish with high powder

recycling rate.


Filter Type Automatic Powder Booth Features

1. Designed with double working station and double filter recovery stage, allows for high efficiency powder coating.

2. Pulse-jet automatic filter cleaning technology takes full utilization of powders and extent filter life for many years.

3. The powder booth bottom is specially designed with air cleaning device ensures no powder accumulation at the bottom.

4. All functions, parameters can be flexiblely controlled on the PLC panel, such as fan start, filter cleaning, booth cleaning.

Automatic Powder Coating Gun System

1. A central control cabinet combines all gun controller for integrated operation, enbales to set parameters only at one host unit to control whole system.

2. COLO-191S powder coating unit applies latest DVC technology allows a flexible and accurate setting of all parameters, giving perfect finish with consistent quality.

3. The 100kv spray gun powerfully charge powders delivers high transfer efficiency, increase powder utilization

4. Tested reliable system Based on COLO 10 years technology.

Powder Coating Reicprocator

1. Linear rail guide mechanism, travel through a belt, a frequency adjustable motor controlled by PLC, giving more smooth, stable and precise motion

2. Heavy-loaded reciprocator with reliability to carry up to 24 pcs spray guns

3. Moving speed and stroke can be easily set the touching screen with 20 storable programs.

4. The slim column design allows for space-saving arrangement of the guns

5. Increasy uniformity and quality consistency, reduce powder consumption.


Automatic Powder Sieving Machine

1. Continuously feeding and recycling the powders in the automatic production 

2. Sieving the powder ensures proper flow characteristics and high quality surface finish

3. Capable of holding 80-100kgs powders. allows to insert up to 24pcs powder injectors, suitable for mass production.

4. Superior efficiency, low noise, maintenance free. Reduce labor cost and material wastage.

We can design a variety of booth floor recycling suitable for different types of workpieces. The booth floor integrated with various air cleaning system,  periodically removes the powder accumulated on the booth floor and push it to the extraction and recovery system.  The booth floor remains clean, with just a minimum amount of powder.

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