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Small Powder Coating Gun System

Quick Detail:

Intelligent model delivers easy operation for beginners.

Fluidizing well-sealed powder coating hopper, 10 lbs capacity.

100kv Powerful spray gun for high transfer efficiency.

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Small Powder Coating Gun System
  • Small Powder Coating Gun System
  • Small Powder Coating Gun System
  • Small Powder Coating Gun System
  • Small Powder Coating Gun System
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Small Powder Coating Gun System Description:

This small powder coating system with 10lbs powder hopper is ideal for users who have to apply small scale continuous production. Low investment costs make this equipment an economical selection. This equipment with intelligent functions and excellent performance ensures great powder coating efficiency.

Portable Powder Coating Gun System Components

1. Powder Gun Control Uuit

1. 0-100kv voltage adjustable.  Easily adjust and read values which is powerful enough to handle any shape of parts.

2. For beginners we offer one-touch intelligent operation buttons that stands for three pre-sets application programs:

Flat coating: ideal for flat shape workpieces.

Corner coating: ideal for complex shape parts with deep corners.

Recoating: ideal for repeat coating.

2. COLO-08 Manual Powder Gun Features

1)This 100kv spray gun always provides high transfer efficiency and saves powders.

2)Just press the “P” button to move between coating modes. And use the handy up and down arrows for adjusting powder flow.

3)Comes with full array of nozzle assortment to optimize your spray effect, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles, extension nozzles.

4) Lightweight spray gun with ergonomic design tends to reduce operator's fatigue after long time use.


3. 10lbs Powder Hopper

1. The 10lbs powder coating hopper is recommended for hobby use or small business jobs etc.

2. Fluidizing-plate based powder hopper ensures constant and smooth powder flow for better finish quality.

3. Durable stainless steel material ensures long-lasting life, easy for cleaning and color change.

3. COLO-08 Powder Pump Features

1) COLO self-developed pump delivers smooth powder flow for uniform powder output

2) Achieves higher first-pass transfer efficiency, realizing powder savings

3) A plug-in powder injector that can be detached without any tools, allows fast cleaning and inspection.

4) Made of specially engineered materials with fewer wearing parts to reduce operation cost.



Power range    

100-240 V



Input power    


Temperature range in use        


Powder Gun 


Gun weight:            


Input voltage      


Input current                   


Maximum output current        


Maximum output voltage        

0-100KV (  adjustable)   

Maximum powder injection                



negative (-)   

Maximum input-air pressure     

10 bar / 145 psi 

Optimum input-air pressure     

6 bar / 87 psi

Maximum water vapor content or compressed air   

1.3 g/m3

Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air  

0.1 mg/m3

Maximum cimpressed-air consumption    

13.2 m3/h


Minimum Order Quantity:


Packaging Details:


Delivery Time:

1-3 days

Payment Terms:

T/T, Paypal ,Western Union,Trade Assurance

Supply Ability:

1000 pcs per Month

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